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The Process

We’re different. We bet you are, too.

EnFuse doesn’t function like your average gym. We appeal to those who understand that the one-size-fits-all approach really doesn’t. Maybe you’re not at home in large group classes or are frustrated by trying to get in shape on your own. Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to get very serious about your health and fitness, but want to enjoy the process with people you can trust. 

The EnFuse client is a particular type. You’re one of us, and when you are with our team, we give you our all. If you are ready to make a true investment in your physical health, start by learning about our process.

#1. Assess

Our process begins with our Structural Assessment or introductory assessment. This is a 45-minute evaluation that allows our team to test your mobility, flexibility, balance, and core control. Most importantly, it is an opportunity for our team to listen to you. It helps us identify your strengths and challenges, and understand how best to support you based on what you bring to the table initially: your previous training experiences, any physical limitations, level of commitment, motivations, and expectations.

#2. Set Goals

It’s essential to put real, actionable targets in place prior to starting your training program. Based on your assessment, we can help you define goals in a personal training plan that identifies priority targets, including any rehabilitation challenges, and your peripheral goals.

#3. Implement

Start your plan, guided by one or two of our coaches. Your session will include a custom warm-up to start, your personalized core program, and a cool-down period that is designed to relax your nervous system so you leave your session refreshed and energized.  

#4. Reevaluate

After four to six weeks of working with your coaches on your personal training plan, we’ll assess your progress and make any necessary adjustments.