Why can’t I find group classes?

Because we don’t offer any. The EnFuse model is built on two-on-one and one-on-one attention.


Should I sign up for the two-trainer or one-trainer session?

We can only give you the facts and let you make your own decision. Click here for more about the two models. To set up an appointment to discuss or for a comprehensive assessment, call us at (860) 253-9111 or enter your information here.


Will you design a workout program for me?

We will thoroughly assess you as part of our initial process, and once we have the opportunity to work with you and feel confident in our relationship, we can explore developing custom supplemental programs for you to use without us.


Do I need an assessment? What does it include?

Yes. Our Structural Assessment is the first step of your EnFuse experience. This 45-minute process allows our team to test your mobility, flexibility, balance, and core control; it also helps us understand how best to support your goals.


What equipment do you offer?

EnFuse offers best-in-class tools to support a wide spectrum of fitness regimens in a beautifully renovated studio environment.


What style of exercise do you offer?

That depends entirely on your goals and the results of your Structural Assessment. We have the expertise and equipment to support a number of training programs, and we will find the right mix for you.