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Our Team

Highly Credentialed, Highly Attentive


We’re different. We bet you are, too.

EnFuse doesn’t function like your average gym. We appeal to those who understand that the one-size-fits-all approach really doesn’t. Maybe you’re not at home in large group classes or are frustrated by trying to get in shape on your own. Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to get very serious about your health and fitness, but want to enjoy the process with people you can trust. 

The EnFuse client is a particular type. You’re one of us, and when you are with our team, we give you our all. If you are ready to make a true investment in your physical health, start by learning about our process.

Meet the Owners

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Ryan Woods

(860) 253-9111 ext. 1

Attentive, wholistic, and adaptive health has been Ryan’s passion for over a decade. After sustaining injuries from poorly facilitated group training classes, he realized that there was no sustainable, ethical way to teach fitness that was tailored to individual bodies without completely recreating the personal training model.

He received his personal trainer certificates from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Poliquin Strength Institute (PSI).

Under his leadership, energy, and motivation, EnFuse Fitness was ranked ‘Best Specialized Personal Training Studio’ in 2017 by CTNow’s Best of Hartford Readers’ Poll.

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Tyler Pratt

Phone: (860) 253-9111 ext. 2

After college, Tyler faced extreme abdominal pain and difficulty holding food in. Shortly after, he diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Unsure where to turn, he reached out to Ryan who heavily researched diet alternatives and made the symptoms all but disappear, sparing him from the life-altering need for a colostomy bag.

Diet and exercise became pillars of necessity in managing his medical symptoms. A fitness cognizant lifestyle has allowed him to be fully present with his family. He is an impassioned trainer and is eager to provide others the same life-altering chance that he was given.