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Everything you need to know


You are making a long-term investment in your health and well-being. This isn’t about shedding ten pounds for your high school reunion or bulking up a bit for beach weather. This is an immersive, serious, well-chaperoned journey to a better you. It is the best possible use of your resources.   


We reserve time only for you. We pride ourselves on our “one trainer/one client” model. To keep it alive, we need to be sure those spots are filled. If you cancel your appointment without providing adequate notice, another client is prevented from receiving services, and our staff member is prevented from working. Therefore, a cancellation fee will apply.

We understand that schedule adjustments may be necessary; however, we request 24-hour notice for any and all cancellations.

This works both ways.

Trainer/Therapist: Trainer/Therapist must provide 24-hour notice for all cancellations or the client shall receive a compensated session.

Client: A 24-hour notice for all cancellations or your session is forfeited.

Additionally, we realize that emergencies and unforeseen events may arise as it relates to weather. For that reason, the following inclusions have been added to our policy:

  • Emergencies - both parties shall receive one exemption due to unforeseen emergencies.

  • Inclement weather policy - We understand that one or both parties may have to cover considerable distance when traveling to the studio. Either party can cancel due to inclement weather (or a forecast that predicts inclement weather) without penalty.


We do not accept any insurance plans at this time.

We accept payment at the time of service only. Payment plans are not currently available.

We are always evolving, and a membership plan with discounts is definitely something on our horizon.