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Your Lymph System, Detoxification and Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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Your Lymph System, Detoxification and Lymphatic Drainage Massage

In order to maintain health, circulation of fluids throughout the body is vital.  Stagnation may lead to congestion, bloating, heaviness and illness.

Arteries are an outflow system, bringing oxygen and nutrients to tissues. The return flow system is composed of 1) veins that remove waste in the form of water and carbon dioxide gas, and 2) lymph vessels that also remove excess water and larger molecules of waste products such as fats and proteins, including viruses and bacteria.

This is one of the important functions of the lymphatic system: removing waste products from the cellular environment. It is like a sewer system that removes toxins, pathogens, mutant cells and dead cells from the tissues. The lymph vessels bring this debris-filled fluid to the lymph nodes, and like a sewage treatment plant, the nodes filter out harmful substances and break them down.

How Lymphatic Drainage Massage Helps your Lymph System

On its own, the lymph system pumps very slowly compared to the circulatory system that has a strong heart to help circulate blood. Lymph vessels have built-in smooth muscles that contract only 5 to 15 times per minute. We can improve lymph flow through deep abdominal breathing, exercise, and receiving lymphatic drainage massage (LDM).

LDM facilitates the uptake of cellular waste products into an initial lymph vessel and increases the rate of flow to a lymph node where the processes of detoxification occur. In this manner, LDM cleanses the tissues. The benefits of this process can include: clearer skin, improved bowel function, decreased congestive conditions including puffy eyes and swollen ankles, and alleviated chronic inflammatory issues such as sinusitis and arthritis.

* LDM may serve as great complement to enhance a detox cleanse.

In an effort to bring our clients the highest quality experience the field of fitness, wellness, and health has to offer, Lymphatic Drainage is a standard practice at our facility.  To schedule an appointment, please email our team- support@EnFuseFitness.com

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