It takes a village.

With equal attention on and off the floor, EnFuse has an amazing staff that work effortlessly behind the scenes to make sure that all you have to focus on is your health.

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Adria Woods

Clinical Evaluator

Adria has a diverse background with roots in speech pathology and clinical assessment. She brings an analytic, detail-oriented mind. Not only does she lend great insight to your initial evaluation, but she’s the friendly face hiding behind your initial emails and the office planner behind day-to-day opperations.

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Rae Hemenway

Director of Operations

Rae is a well oiled machine of big picture planning. With years of large scale, international corporate retail planning under her belt, she offers insights about long-term vision and asks all the hard questions about business strategy. Additionally, she manages payroll and other book keeping tasks.


Sage Orville

Brand Manager
he/him, they/them

Sage has a diverse multi-media background with a focus on digital advertising and marketing analytics. He is the project manager of our recent redesign and works hard to ensure that EnFuse’s online presence is truly representative of the quality of services we provide. He supports our social media, website, and brand messaging.