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Lay the foundation, then supplement.

At EnFuse, we know that no amount of training can compensate for an unhealthy diet. The same is true of nutritional supplements. Supplements complement a well-structured diet of whole foods, should be part of a well-rounded wellness regime. Our credentials allow us to offer you access to exclusive lines of nutritional supplements.

Start by optimizing your digestion. Even the best supplements will not function correctly if the body’s digestive system is compromised; the body needs to be able to break down and assimilate all of the nutrients it ingests. We don’t want to support the business of creating very expensive urine. We want to support healthy bodies and minds. 

We stock a limited inventory of the best supplements on the market today. 

We offer direct access to suppliers of the highest quality supplements -- ones that you will have trouble finding at your local pharmacy, vitamin store, or online, or can’t buy without a practitioner’s license. We offer full transparency with everything we resell: all products are labeled with the manufacturer’s information or are in their original packaging. 

Our supplements are available for pickup by appointment only, after an initial consultation.

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Here’s just a few of our professionally vetted supplements:

Designs for Health 

Vibrant Health


Green Superfoods

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Digestion/GI Health

Fish Oil

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Immune Support


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