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Personal Training

Two trainers/One client

This is our most comprehensive & clinical approach to achieving your health & fitness goals. While the one-to-one trainer-client relationship can achieve amazing results, having two trainers focused on one client at the same time allows for a helpful division of labor.

The two high-level trainers work together to efficiently transition each client through their own hand-tailored workout. They in tandem work to help you build, execute on, and realize/materialize your goals in the safest most efficient manner possible

One of the trainers acts as the objective observer who takes notes, records the sessions on video and in photos, and ensures that limiting factors and obstacles are identified and thoroughly worked through and discussed after each workout. The other trainer does the hands-on work with the client, walking through each step of the exercises with them, providing instant feedback and helpful cues. This combination gives our team the ability to assess movement quality from multiple vantage points to further increase the safety and efficacy of the workout.

Since our inception, we have been offering this industry-leading level of attention with our two trainer / one client training model. We are an incredibly proud to offer this unique and effective fitness option.

One trainer/One client

Attention is one of the most important variables to consider when hiring any professional to help achieve your health & wellness goals.

That is why, at the very minimum, we offer 1:1 personal training inside our private studio. 

Your trainer will very attentively and methodically take you through a hand-tailored program designed specifically for you. 

Your goals, wants, needs, and safety are placed at the epicenter of every workout.


What is the purpose of your Two Trainer / One Client model?

We look at incorporating the services of a highly credentialed personal training team as a long term investment in your health and we take that responsibility very seriously.  Our Two Trainer / One Client model is our most immersive, effective, and clinical approach to helping a person achieve their health & fitness goals safely and efficiently.  You will have our undivided attention at all times allowing us to properly assess your bodies movement patterns from multiple vantage points.  Additionally, while one trainer takes notes, pictures, and videos, the other trainer will maintain a vigilant watch over your movement offering constant support and necessary cueing.  

Do you offer group classes?

We do not.  Group classes, though fun, inhibit our training team from paying close attention to our clients as they exercise. Undivided attention and a relentless pursuit to help you achieve YOUR personal goals are our teams utmost priority.

Are there any commitments?

No.  Every service we offer is based on a pay-as-you-go model.  If you decide to make the EnFuse family part of your long term health & wellness team, it will be because you want to, not because you are obligated to.  :D

Will I be given routines to incorporate into my workouts outside of my time with your trainers?

This is case dependent.  If our coaching team feels confident that you have a firm understanding of your own bodies abilities, are confident with various exercises/routines, and deem additional work necessary to achieve your goal, additional work may prescribed.

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