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How does it work?

Order your meals by Thursday night at 9 pm and your meals will be ready for delivery or in-studio pickup Monday night.

Are there any commitments?

No.  You simply order meals as needed week to week.

Can I customize my meals?

We have a fully customizable meal section where you can select (4,6,8) oz protein, starch with vegetable, or double vegetable. However, many of our options are customizable.  

For specific requests, there is a comments sections at the end of the checkout process; detail your needs there and our chefs will do their best to accomodate them.

How do I get my meals?

You can choose between delivery or in-studio pickup

Do you have an allergy friendly kitchen?

We take allergies very seriously.  Though, we do not have an exclusive allergy-free kitchen, our team works extremely hard to prevent cross contamination.

Are your meals gluten free?

Every option we offer is gluten free.

*  We do not have a dedicated gluten free kitchen.  For severe gluten allergies, please contact our team to ensure your meals are prepared in a separate part of the kitchen.

How long do your meals last?

Our meals are prepared fresh and will typically last between 5-7 days.  That being said, we always advocate eating any of our fish dishes within 3-5 days.

Are your meals freezable?

Yes.  Our meals are prepared fresh and can be frozen.

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