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What's Stalling Your Weight Loss?

EnFuse Staff

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"I've learned that the greatest of efforts can fall short for reasons you may be over looking.

There are some really great routines out there written by top notch coaches. However, even the best program can fall short if you are not paying attention to some of the following roadblocks.

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself:

1. How is your gut health? 

2. Are you digesting your food properly?

3. Are you assimilating all the necessary nutrients to help build muscle and burn fat? (you may be taking a multivitamin or using protein in your post workout shakes.... but if your body can't digest these nutrients properly, then you could be wasting your money)

4. Are you ingesting enough fiber to efficiently excrete toxins regularly?

5. Are you overly stressed? (adrenal burnout is real and can definitely hinder your results. Not only that, the stress hormone cortisol can compete with testosterone receptors)

6. Has a physician ever checked to ensure that your pituitary is functioning optimally? (very important for men, because if you are not secreting enough LH, then your testes won't receive the necessary signal to produce testosterone.)

7. Are you aromatizing the testosterone you have to estrogen? Sure... you may be making ample amounts of testosterone, however, if you are converting it, it may be hurting instead of helping you.

8. Have you ever had your thyroid checked? The typical blood screen only addresses TSH, however, there are far more comprehensive tests that can really address if this is a roadblock for you. It is very possible that TSH is in range even though your thyroid output or reception is sub-optimal. Unfortunately, many medical professionals miss this and it can be a real hindrence on your ability to change your body composition.

9. How is your recovery?

10. Are you taking the necessary nutrients to support optimal recovery and performance? (according to coaches I greatly admire and respect, under recovery is an enormous culprit that hinders body composition change. This is often mistaken as over training.)

11. Have your workouts been designed to stimulate a desired training effect? (ie. increases in lactate threshold, growth hormone output, testosterone output)

12. Have your workouts been thoughtfully designed so there is an end goal in mind. A good coach should have a long term program drawn out for you. They should also monitor the rate of adaptation so the stimulus can be changed accordingly.

There are many variables, however, these are some of the roadblocks I've personally encountered.

That is why a multipronged / clinical approach to body composition change is so vital. Tyler and I want to see you all succeed. We are here for any of you that have questions.

Your Friends,

Ryan and Tyler"

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We have come a long way in our understanding of weight-loss since 2010, but as you can see, we have been addressing many of the underlying components since we first opened our doors seven years ago.  

A huge thank you to all of our colleagues, mentors, and educators for constantly challenging us and for keeping us ahead of the curve, especially when it comes to strategies to keep our clients moving and feeling their best!

Your Friends In Health,
Team EnFuse

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