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Sinus Health, the Immune System, and Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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Sinus Health, the Immune System, and Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Do you suffer from chronic congestion, stuffy nose, and / or post-nasal drip? Do you struggle with sinus pain, headaches, or clogged ears? Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM), aka manual lymph drainage, may offer a viable, non-invasive, and relaxing alternative to improve / mitigate these symptoms.  LDM on the face and neck is extremely relaxing, feels great, and may help to alleviate chronic and sub-acute sinus and congestion issues.

If it’s not possible to identify and eliminate an allergen, such is the case with many environmental factors, lymphatic drainage massage may not only help alleviate the symptoms but can help support immune system function overall. 

“Manual lymph drainage enables the body’s defense system to react well.”

Lymphatic Drainage Massage may serve as an appropriate alternative or complementary therapy to medication to help alleviate the symptoms of allergies. The work is light, soothing, and very relaxing. One of the goals of LDM is to move stagnant lymph fluid thereby alleviating congestion. 

It also moves allergens, irritants, and foreign invaders more quickly to a lymph node where antibodies can break them down and render them harmless. This encourages a more tolerant, less over-reactive immune system.

Chronic stress also exacerbates allergy symptoms. Stress negatively impacts the immune system’s effectiveness. LDM quiets the “flight or fight” response and stimulates the “rest and digest” branch of the autonomic nervous system to promote relaxation, optimize immune function, and maintain health.

For natural allergy relief, to promote sinus health, and to give your immune system a boost, lymphatic drainage massage is a soothing and restorative option. 

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