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If I were able to satisfy this desire, would I?

EnFuse Staff

Category: Food For Thought

If I were able to satisfy this desire, would I?

Many of us silence our greatest desires out of fear of judgement, failure, or a belief that they are simply unrealistic. 

To deny what we truly desire, what we truly crave dampens the human experience and relegates us to simply existing instead of actually ‘living’.

We can apply this mindset to anything we aim to achieve. 

Be honest with yourself and simply ask “If I were able to satisfy this desire, would I?’ 

- acquiring a new skill

- starting your own company

- becoming an artist 

- being viewed as a thought leader

Many of us desire far more fundamental things-

- to feel more confident / healthy

- to fit better / more comfortably in our clothing

- to simply connect with the person we see in the mirror

Don't settle.  Don't be encumbered by "what you ought to want"; instead, embrace what you truly want and chase after it.

1.  The first step is acknowledging your true desire / desires.

2.  The second step is building up the necessary resources and support to hold you accountable and help you create executable steps toward achieving them.

If you desire to feel healthier, more confident… to fit better in your clothing… to simply like what you see in the mirror… we would love to be part of that ‘second step’ for you.

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