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Walking to Improve the Health of your Lower Back and Joints

9/29/2017 | EnFuse Institute for Learning
Category: Health & Wellness

Research has shown that walking for a half hour or greater, three to four times a week, helps increase the health of your low back and joints, improve mood, strengthen muscles and bones and improve overall cardiovascular fitness. For this article we will specifically focus on the benefits walking has on your low back and joints.

Squat Mechanics- Considerations and Supplemental Exercises

6/17/2017 | EnFuse Staff
Category: Strength & Rehabilitation

Performed correctly, the squat can improve your strength, range of motion, level of independence, and long-term health of joints.

Texter’s Neck: Upper Back, Shoulder & Neck Pain

5/10/2017 | EnFuse Staff
Category: Strength & Rehabilitation

Have you ever left work after a long day suffering from what you thought was a migraine possibly due to stress, lack of food and water intake or maybe even from a caffeine deficiency?