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AD/HD: A Ritalin or Nutrient Deficiency?

Ryan Woods

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On Sunday, February 21, 2010, I posted the following summary to an article entitled, “Outcome-Based Comparison of Ritalin Versus Food-Supplement Treated Children with AD/HD.”  Medicine is continuing to evolve and more holistic approaches are becoming move prevalent by the day.  That being said, the information within this article is still quite valuable and worth investigating for anyone who suffers from AD/HD, child or adult. * 

"One of the quotes Tyler and I like most is by Thoreau which states, “for every thousand hacking at the leaves, there is one striking at the root.” This quote is profound and correlates to today’s medical system. It is common within the walls of Western Medicine to treat the symptoms in lieu of addressing the root cause.

I was reading a study entitled, “Outcome-Based Comparison of Ritalin Versus Food-Supplement Treated Children with AD/HD.” The authors of this study were Karen L. Harding Ph.D; Richard Judah, Ph.D; and Charles Grant, MD.

In the article the authors pose this question. Is AD/HD a Ritalin or Nutrient Deficiency? They concluded that to date there are eight different risk factors involved in Attention Deficit Disorder.

Here is the list:
* food and additive allergies
* heavy metal toxicity and other environmental toxins
* low protein / high carbohydrate (including sugar) diet
* mineral imbalances
* essential fatty acid and phospholipid deficiencies
* amino acid deficiencies
* thyroid disorders
* B-vitamin deficiencies

In this comparison study their research uncovered this truth. The treatment of AD/HD with Ritalin and with Nutritional Intervention brought about virtually identical improvements in attention, auditory attention, and visual attention. However, the nutritionally intervened groups did not experience the detrimental side effects associated with Ritalin use.

Here is a quick list of potential side effects one might experience while taking Ritalin.

Common Ritalin side effects are:
* Difficulty sleeping
* Loss of appetite
* Irritability
* Nervousness
* Stomach aches
* Headaches
* Dry mouth
* Blurry vision
* Nausea
* Dizziness
* Drowsiness
* Tics

Other Ritalin side effects can include:
* Hypersensitivity
* Anorexia
* Heart palpitations
* Blood pressure and pulse changes
* Cardiac arrhythmia
* Anemia
* Scalp hair loss
* Psychosis

The following, though rare, have also been reported as Ritalin side effects:
* Abnormal liver function
* Cerebral arteritis
* Leukopenia
* Death

“Energized. Nourished. Fit” Is the acronym for our company EnFuse (ENF). Let’s start hacking at the root and give our bodies a fighting chance!

In Good Health,
Ryan Woods
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* Original Post- http://getenfused.blogspot.com/2010/02/adhd-ritalin-or-nutrient-deficiency.html

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