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Summer is right around the corner!  It is that time of year when we start fielding questions about how to eat better, manage our weight more effectively, and how to add more structure to our day to accomplish these goals.

Team EnFuse believes the key to long term health is wholesome, nutritious, well-balanced eating.  

To get you started, Thorne Research has created a very detailed approach to help segway into a healthier lifestyle while giving people the jumpstart and structure they may need initially. 

Here is a quick excerpt from their playbook- (for more information, please contact Team EnFuse- support@EnFuseFitness.com)


  1. Focus on healthy lifestyle changes
  2. Set realistic and achievable goals
  3. Set one goal that has nothing to do with weight
  4. Engage in daily structured activities, including exercise
  5. Make healthy eating a daily activity
  6. Be sure you’re adopting habits you can keep
  7. Adopt new habits slowly
  8. Enlist support from family and friends
  9. Stock your kitchen with the foods you need to get started
  10. Set a specific start date

How does the weight management program work?

  • Supports effective weight management
  • Reduces hunger and cravings
  • Promotes energy and positive mood
  • Promotes loss of fat and preservation of lean body mass
  • Improves metabolism and insulin sensitivity (how well insulin works in your body to help metabolize sugars and other carbs) 

* Thorne recommends doing the program in two-week increments, unless otherwise advised; may be repeated for another two weeks or as many times as advised. Although we recommend a specific time frame, the idea is to develop healthy, lifelong habits.

This program will educate you on portion control, healthier food options, and offer nutritional aids to support your efforts.

In health,
Team EnFuse

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