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Gold Standard of Fitness & Brief History

Gold Standard of Fitness & Brief History

Owner and lead trainer, Ryan Woods has been blazing his own path in the fitness industry since 2004.

At a time when the fitness industry largely explored more profitable business models focusing on class and group work, Ryan maintained a steadfast focus on a client-centered model with a “quality over quantity” mindset.

We as humans are incapable of multi-tasking.  The moment your coach or trainer focuses their attention on someone else, they are no longer observing your movement with a critical eye. 

More importantly, we are all built differently, have different needs and learning styles, come from different backgrounds, and, ultimately, have different goals.  All of these considerations are impossible to address in a group setting.

Taking this concept one-step further, Ryan teamed up with his best friend, cousin, and fellow veteran Tyler Pratt.  Together in 2010, they built EnFuse Fitness and created an industry first within the personal training landscape- two coaches / one client.  Nearly running in opposition to trends at this point, Ryan and Tyler created and cultivated a client-centered, attention-driven, personal training experience unlike anything else. 

Our two coach / one client model is considered our ‘Platinum Level’ experience and still serves as the cornerstone of our personal training programs.  The results are staggering when two minds are working in concert to help you achieve your weight and wellness goals. 

EnFuse Fitness continues to evolve and is considered by many to be the ‘Gold Standard’ of personal fitness and training.  Our entire team strives to offer a holistic, all encompassing, client-centered experience creating unprecedented results while keeping your safety front and center.

William H.
Ryan and Ty are deeply committed, knowledgeable and impressive guys who have developed a unique and proven model for suc

Cody Tsevdos
EnFuse Fitness is a multifaceted business that is ran with the customers best interest in mind. You have access to perso...more

Ian Martinez
Have been working with Ryan for several months now and the experience has been awesome. Ryan is very knowledgeable and s

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